Jack Vettriano,

If my pen could emulate such a creator

of the poetry silhouette painted,

Then let my trace

 works of Jack Vettriano,


 delimitate such pose with shapely words,

That gives gaze and gesture

from the form of characters, 

the redeeming lexis

that describes white shirt crinkles,

movement in contrast

to the starched stance

of the static frame,


tour de force of suggestion defined,

such unity in balance

against black and white,

that conceptual wondered narrative ,

In the before and after,


If my pen could work its wonder,

In poetry choreography of words,

Let me paint such a picture of luster

for the carving given to the poetry lover,

  in the voyeur tease of verse. 



About stevejameslife2love

Lost the art of a good life to sadness, rediscovered happiness through the window of poetry, then embraced the air of exuberance.
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