Midnight moonlights rainbow,

Midnight  moonlights rainbow,

Hands down in pockets,

whilst walking through pockets on rainy nights,

Jacket lapel  inverted,

disturbing stillness in pools of reflection,

Looking at the shimmer on black Leather

From down trodden splashes,

wet trousers that cling to thighs

in strides of depression,

time seeping with thoughts dripping,

bathing where love once played in,

now motions  are leaking,

with the mind running,

heart bleeding soul weeping,

drizzling tears of piquancy,

show from dew pond eyes,

persisting on through  heartaches monsoon,

with this dreary scull,

the rain beating down,

mind  spins around in  blotted  time,

this once young lover now the has-been,

treading wet boards of flowing muse,

when  nighttimes rainy curtain

continuing coming  timberline down,

on this front of melancholy precipitation,

highlights gleam from a reminiscence  spray,

walking on this quagmire,

of love zombies fertile downbeat ground,

were moonlights  rainbow ends,

so the curse of nights long howling encore begins.

Steve James.


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